This Compass is configured for 200px.
Some slight tweaks may be required
to suit individual taste such as
background color, ring color, etc.

If Weather Data is not displayed inside
the compass or to the lower left then it
may be necessary to compare the jscript
associated with this Web Page to verify each
Element ID from the jscript is represented on the
Web Page.

The jscript can be removed from this Web Page,
placed in its own page (.js), given a name and
referenced in the following manner:
<script type="text/javascript" src = "any_name_you_want_to_use_here.js"></script>

The original name that was used for the production script was:
<script type="text/javascript" src = "rapidfire_ver4combined-css-compass.js"></script>

Since changes are ongoing to that original script, it
was felt it would be best to just include the jscript in the Web Page for now
so all the features continue to work properly.

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KFLSEBAS1 Weather in Sebastian, FL

Please pardon this
slight delay as the
page retrieves the
most current weather
information from
this site. Once this
data request
is completed
the page will then
update automatically.